I'm prefacing this entry with a disclaimer: the pictures following in this post will not be as good as your used to from us. Scott and I decided to cover different beer fests on the same day so what your seeing here is my first attempt at any type of photography that wasn't a family vacation or on an iPhone. That being said, I had a blast and learned a lot.

A few weeks ago, on August 6th, I attended Legion Brewing’s first ever beer fest. And judging from the turnout, it definitely won’t be the last. I know it’s been a while between the actual event and this blog but I just need to process how much fun this event was. The festival, officially dubbed the “Friends and Beerfest: IPA Edition,” was put on to give Legion patrons a great place to celebrate National IPA day. It did not disappoint. A number of local breweries came out to join Legion in the celebration and they all came with, guess what? IPAs! Birdsong, Noda, Wooden Robot, Heist, Blue Blaze, Triple C, Newgrass, Free Range, OMB, Lenny Boy, Unknown, Three Spirits, Sycamore and,  Rockbottom were all there serving up their best. And there all having a great time doing it. 

There was so much more to this festival than just beer though.  Like any great party there was music. Legion arranged for a nice little line-up of bands. The line-up playing that day included Little District, Billy Jones, and The Bloodworth Project. They brought some amazing tunes and everyone in attendance looked to really be enjoying themselves which is exactly what you would expect! I mean come on, it was a beerfest! It was extra hot out that day and it was great to have the bands out there entertaining the folks as if they were hanging out in a perfect sixty-five degrees. Everyone was a trooper and I never saw any negativity despite some sweltering temperatures.

Serving up their best in the form of great food were a number of local Charlotte restaurants.  Bang Bang Burgers, Roots Farm Foods, and King of Pops all set up shop and were feeding some hungry, beer drinking friends. The aroma wafting through the air was an olfactory delight. And It was probably a good thing a I before I went to Legion that day because I would have devoured the heck out of some of Roots Farm’s bacon. It you all have never had it get to Legion and order some. Roots Farm is Legion’s house snack provider now. However, I digress. What I really mean to say is, it was a great scene out there that day with lots of delicious local favorites. 

If I had to choose a belle of the ball for the whole festival, I’d have to give the award to Legion’s special IPA release for National IPA Day, "Naughty By Nectar."  In Legion’s own words, “this juice-bomb IPA was brewed with 600 pounds of fresh nectarines from Blue Farms in Hendersonville, NC. An enticing stone fruit aroma blends beautifully with heavy citrus and mild bitterness from Citra and Azacca hops.” I couldn’t agree more. This IPA was serious and if you were a “Juicy Jay” fan you’d have certainly been a fan of “NbN.” It had a powerful juiciness that complemented its light hoppiness and soft mouth feel really well. I’m hoping this one becomes a regular summer seasonal for the Legion folks. Even if we have to wait until next summer, it’ll be worth it to give this one another go.

I would be amiss if I failed to mention that some of the benefits of the beerfest went to support Charlotte Family Housing. There was a raffle with some great Legion prizes and the proceeds went to their great cause of helping homeless families. Please take a minute to check them out and familiarize yourselves with them if you haven’t already. They can be found at http://charlottefamilyhousing.org

Really, I don’t think I’ve said enough about how great I think this beer fest was but I don’t want spoil the next one for everyone. I will say though that this event was not only a good time for those who attended, it was a great event in general for the Plaza Midwood community. Speaking for everyone that attended, I just want to extend a big thank you to all of our friends at Legion Brewing. They’re doing big things and at this point it looks like the sky’s the limit.